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Direct Care Staff-Wknd Staff needed Salisbury

Career Resources Corporation
Job Description
Arrive on time to scheduled shifts and complete permanent hours which may include weekends and overnights. All scheduling is the responsibility of the Residential Manager and will be done in accordance with provisions of the FLSA and DDS regulations. Staff will remain on duty until relieved or until all individuals have left the responsibility of the agency.
Perform all duties in a manner which demonstrates an awareness and respect of each individual’s legal, civic and human rights.  Maintain and enforce the confidentiality of any information relating to individuals served.
Implement and partake in the appropriate services and activities for the individuals in the programs. These include but are not limited to:
Support and assist with activities of daily living.
  • Assist and teach as needed personal hygiene skills which include but are not limited to daily grooming, showering / bathing, dental hygiene and laundry.
  • Assist and teach as needed meal planning, preparation, consumption and clean up.
  • Assist and teach as needed all household skills including but not limited to house cleaning and maintenance.
  • Record medication usage in accordance with the Department of Public Health (DPH) / MAP Policies and Procedures.
  • Conduct and document fire drills and self-preservation training as assigned.
  • Actively implement approved behavior management programs designed to increase the appropriate behaviors of individuals in the program. 
Support relationships with friends and family.
  • Development of relationships and activities that are independent of service system.
  • Assist each individual to maintain and if possible strengthen their current relationships with friends, family and others.
  • Using each individual’s interests and preferences, locate people or groups who have similar interests and preferences. Assist the individual to participate and to connect with others with the goal of building and fostering meaningful diverse relationships that will enrich and empower them.
Access and use of community resources.
  • Encourage age appropriate clothing, activities and attitudes for all individuals served.
  • Assist and teach individuals to use community resources such as medical facilities, churches, social groups, stores, restaurants, entertainment, consumer resources, recreation facilities and physical fitness programs.
  • Help plan and assist as needed with leisure time and community social / recreational activities.
  • Encourage programs promoting a healthy physical and emotional growth such as human sexuality, leisure and recreational services, consumer awareness and personal communication.
  •  Asist and teach the appropriate use of money, including everyday purchasing, saving and consumer self protection.
Make a difference in the lives of others at Career Resource Corp.
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